FreeRTOS+TCP Labs port and demo for Texas Instruments Hercules LAUNCHXL2-570LC43 LaunchPad devboard


Initial release of FreeRTOS+TCP demo project for Hercules LAUNCHXL2-570LC43 LaunchPad is available for testing at  "loszi.hu/.../ti_launchpad_freertos_demo" based on modified HALCoGen 04.04.00.


FreeRTOS+IO package:
- Serial CLI: 230400 baud, 8N1 on USB JTAG interface.
- commands: see "emacstat" for ip configuration.
FreeRTOS+TCP package:
- DHCP and NTP client, ICMP ping
- HTTP server: http://hercules/freertos.html
- FTP server: ftp://hercules/
FreeRTOS+FAT package:
- 200 KB RAM disk

It logs every minute the OnChip temperature data into /ram/logfile.txt accessible over command line interface or via ftp.

Please note: it is NOT for production, it is just for testing, use at your own risk!

comments are welcome.

Best Regards: Szilárd


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