Nios updated port and demo for NiosEDS 11.0 and up (includes LwIP)

Nios updated port for NiosEDS 11.0 and up
Engineering Spirit (c) 2012 - 2013

The latest sources can be found at: https://github.com/EngineeringSpirit/FreeLwIP-Nios-II

We updated the Nios II FreeRTOS port with the following changes:
Fixed bug report:
- Nios II port bug when using -O3 or -Os - ID: 3037968
- It's now possible to keep interrupts enabled while the scheduler has not been started yet. (So now it's possible to print output via USART before the OS is started for example...)
- The FreeRTOS tick handler is called via the timer hook provided by the Nios II HAL library.

To use FreeRTOS as BSP the following hardware is required:
(jtag_)uart or something ( this is where print message will end up)
an sys_clk_timer (I'm running at 1ms, but any speed would be sufficient)

To run the provided demo (Only one included which uses FreeRTOS and LwIP) you would need to have an Triple Speed Ethernet addapter included in your Nios II blok.

!!! Note !!! - currently using a modified version of the LwIP-1.4.1 TCP/IP stack
- The LwIP stack uses a modifed version of the socket API, which gives the sockets an offset, so we can let the HAL layer determent wether the read/write/flush calls should invoke the Altera HAL library or LwIP
- We also applied a patch for proper packet routing if multiple interfaces are in the same subnet. For incomming and outgoing, also when UDP broadcasts are received when both interfaces are on the same subnet, this is routed to both the packet handling of both interfaces instead of just the first.

Installation instructions:
If you are on a unix system and have wget and curl installed, skip step 1 and 2.

1. Download the latest FreeRTOS kernel from www.freertos.org (currently v7.3.0)
2. Unzip the latest FreeRTOS source into FreeRTOS_src directory.
3. Execute alt-freertos-lwip-install.bat if your on windows or alt-freertos-lwip-install.sh if your on a unix like system.
4. Follow the steps provided by the console.

Howto test your FreeRTOS OS installation

In the Nios Software Build tools for eclipse, choose File ->New -> Nios II Board Support Package
In the dialogue box that appears you should be able to select "Real Time Engineers Ltd FreeRTOS 7.3.0" if you choose a .sopcinfo file you should be able to build a BSP.
To test your application

In the Nios Software Build tools for eclipse, choose File ->New -> Nios II Application and BSP from Template
Here you should be able to select "FreeRTOS - LwIP Demo" and build a system.

Changes for multiple PHY support:
Naming convension for network interfaces changed, now peripherals must be matched in this way (the 0 can be replaced by any value from 0 till 9):
- tse_mac_0
- sgdma_tse_rx_0
- sgdma_tse_tx_0
- tse_descriptor_memory_0

Clearly if you want to change the code you can remove most of these restrictions. But these are the requirements for the "out of box" experience.

Further more are there some changes in the application to BSP interface for ethernet handling. Please read 'lwip\FreeRTOS\inc\lwip_main.h' for more info.


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