Support for stack protection exception

As noted at https://sourceforge.net/projects/freertos/forums/forum/382005/topic/4847546/index/page/1, I've made some changes to the MicroblazeV8 port to support having the stack protection exception enabled.  (I was having some trouble logging into this site to submit patches, but that seems to have been sorted out now.)  There are also some related and peripheral changes.

The patches are currently split into 5 files (grouping related changes together) intended to be applied sequentially, but they're against 7.1.0, not 7.1.1, and as they're based on the BSP directory structure they may not apply cleanly to a standard source tree.  (The patches currently assume that with -p1 then tasks.c is at the root, with immediate subfolders portable, include, and KernelAwareBSPRepository.)

I can either attach them as is, or update them to 7.1.1; the latter will probably take a few weeks though as I'm currently working on a different project.  Which do you prefer?


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