Pandaboard Dual-Core port

This port runs two separate FreeRTOS instances on the Dual-Core Pandaboard. Standard FreeRTOS demos are provided and run on each core.

The port contains a makefile which loads the binaries directly to the ram of the Pandaboard with ymodem. All boot settings are provided in the makefile. To run the demo execute "make" and "make upload". Make sure that you have a usb-to-serial adapter between the PC and the Pandaboard (the makefile is by default set to use /dev/ttyUSB0). The upload script requires expect to be installed.

Here is the direct link to the port on github: https://github.com/downloads/ESLab/FreeRTOS---PandaBoard/FreeRTOS-PandaBoard.zip

This port was made by Åbo Akademi University



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