ARM Cortex-A9 Port (nVidia Tegra2, ARM Realview PBX-A9 and Versatile Express) using CS-GCC

Attached is an initial implementation for a Cortex-A9 port of FreeRTOS. I started the port using QEMU to emulate a Cortex-A9 on the ARM Realview Platform Baseboard for Cortex-A9. The only hardware that I had available to me was a Toradex Colibri T20 which has a nVidia Tegra2 core. A lack of a JTag hindered progress on the Colibri board but the project will execute for 24 hours running most of the Demos. The support for the Versatile Express is only cursory in this release but stay tuned for more information.


See the Readme.html in the Documentation directory for all the info on how to get the build and debug environments running.


This project is intended as a starting point as I no longer have hardware but as always, feedback is welcome.



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