POSIX Wrapper for FreeRTOS

The following wiki describes the development of freertos_posix - a POSIX wrapper for FreeRTOS.



Current Features

  • Not all POSIX functions are implemented, the followings are the major functions developed. You are invited to contribute new functions and improve the existing ones.
  1. POSIX Thread: mapped to FreeRTOS task (pthread.h, and unistd.h)
  2. Mutex functions: mapped to FreeRTOS semaphore
  3. Filestream operations (e.g. open, read, write, lseek, etc): not associated with any FreeRTOS functions (unistd.h)
  4. Time and clock functions (e.g. time and clock): using the context switch timer required in FreeRTOS (time.h)
  5. Socket API: mapped to uip: Please note that the socket API is only posix-like and it is NOT compatible with standard POSIX operation.
  6. File system operations: mapped to FatFs. (under development)
  • Extra functions include:
  1. a coroutine task scheduler, in order to run multiple POSIX threads in a single FreeRTOS Task (see pthread.c and system.c)
  2. dsp library API


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