FreeRTOS+UDP Port to TI RM46L852ZWT Hdk

Project Parameters:

  1. Target - TI RM46L852ZWT Hercules microcontroller HDK,
  2. Code generation - HALCoGen v0.4.03,
  3. IDE - Code Composer Studio version,
  4. Compiler - TI v5.2.3

When I generated code with HALCoGen, I deleted the generated "os_heap.c" file and replaced it with FreeRTOS+UDP "heap_4.c"

This is a simple implementation - it is not a zero copy implementation.

I did not "tune" or otherwise optimize the task stack sizes or heap size.

The purpose of the LED blinky tasks is to convince myself that I could run multiple tasks cooperating with each other while running the UDP/IP stack simultaneously

The biggest issue I ran into was that I had to 'OR' in the "portPRIVILEGE_BIT" with the task priorities to get everything working correctly with the ARM MPU

The project is configured to use DHCP - I used Wireshark to find the assigned IP address

I hope you find this useful


FreeRTOS UDP_port_to_TI RM46L852ZWT_HDK.zip


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