cc430f5137 CCS 5.3

Apologies in advance for the crufty nature of this code port.  Lots of stuff commented out from the port it was based on, little cleanup done.

Here are the main points:

- Compiles and runs on the  EM430F5137-RF900 demo board.  You will get an LED flashing off the timer tick.

- this CC430 chip has small memory compared to the older MSP430 ports, I adjusted the FreeRTOS settings appropriately.  Be aware of this however, lest you get too ambitious with your project!  Not much stack/heap there...

- very basic LED and pushbutton (on the demo board) detection. 

- important: uses TI's new MSP430Ware library for chip setup.  Note that the older MSP430 ports all use outdated, obsolete, and buggy libraries from TI.  MSP430Ware is actually pretty nice, very easy to use (if a little verbose in it's API structure, and lacking documentation, but hey you have the source).

- I compiled a small-code small-memory version of the MSP430Ware library and it's included here.  It's advised you set up MSP430Ware and learn how to compile it, or at least so you can browse the source - the documentation is woefully inadequate.

- I made a project 'target' for the EM430F5137.  You ought to be able to connect one and debug.  I've noticed that for me, FreeRTOS doesn't like to be halted while it's running (I'm a newbie...)

like I said, lots of big sections of code (esp in main.c) commented out, lots of files excluded from the target but still in the directory structure, etc.   It was a work in progress.  I'm working on a project so unfortunately I don't have time to clean it up, but compared to the older MSP430 releases this should save you some time.

- the main tick clock setup is not using the MSP430Ware library, simply because it 'just worked' and I didn't mess with it!

- the project is in FreeRTOS V7.1.1/Demo/stairwell_cc430f5137_CCS  - import it into CCS the usual way (personally, I don't copy the code into my workspace).

- found some RF code from TI but haven't really touched that section of the chip yet... unfortunately, no support for it in MSP430Ware.

good luck!



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