LM3S9D92 for CCSV5 and Stellarisware using FreeRTOS 7.3.0 and LWIP 1.4.1

This is a basic example which provides LWIP web page and a few tasks with FreeRTOS.

Requires CCSV5 compiler with Stellarisware installed as the code uses driverlib functions.

Zip file is zipped directory from CCSV5 workspace.

Example is designed to run on the Stellaris EKS-LM3S9D92 Evaluation Kit.

LWIP diagnostics are enabled so you can monitor heap and pointer usage to optimise for your desired usage. 

IP address is configured for DHCP, code for static IP is commented out.


If you use the Evaluation kit you can check the assigned IP address by monitoring the ICDI UART port which is the default prinf port for this project.

This example is based upon an existing FreeRTOS example for CortexM3 ported to the Stellaris processor and as such uses the web page from this example.

Web page simply displays the FreeRTOS Task statistics and run time stats - refreshed every 2 seconds.


The latest LWIP is used (1.4.1 from GIT - 20-1Nov-2012) and as such supports concurrent IPV4 and IPV6.

This has been verified to compile but as I didn't have IPV6 test code, not tested).


IPV4 and LWIP MEMP sizes have been tested with flood ping from linux box (over 100 million pings into the dev kit) plus single web page refreshing every 2 seconds.

LWIP Heap has been set to match the requirents of the web page.


A simple menu is provided via the UART port of the ICDI and with this you can check FreeRTOS stack usage as well as various stats from within the LWIP stack including heap and MEMP usage, commands available are as per below.

F = FreeRTOS task stats                                                        
B = Toggle Buzzer                                                              
H = HEAP stats                                                                 
I = IP stats                                                                   
L = Link Status                                                                
P = ICMP stats                                                                 
M = MEMP stats                                                                 
S = SYS stats                                                                  
T = TCP stats                                                                  
U = UDP stats



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