Hercules RM48 (ARGOXRM48L950, Cortex R4F) using Code Composer Studio 5.2, FreeRTOS 7.1.1.


A minimal port for RM48x using CCS5, FreeRTOS running in System mode, bare essentials. Some of the standard set of demos are compiled in, with the "comtest" demo set up to illustrate an ISR coexisting with FreeRTOS via a rudimentary interrupt-driven loopback serial connection and with Flop.c adjusted as a testbed for a few FPU context saving schemes, including a "lazy" implementation.

As-is, this demo port flashes most of the LEDs on the dev. board. Much of the driver code is generated by TI's "HALCoGen" utility, so this serves also as a very simple example of interfacing such generated driver code with FreeRTOS.

System tick uses the RTI timer, and both preemptive and non-preemptive tick handlers are included.



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