FreeRTOS porting on Code Composer Studio 4 (LM3Sxxxx processor)

The .zip file contains FreeRTOS porting for the Luminary/Texas Instruments Cortex-M3 LM3Sxxxx processors, to be compiled with CCS4. The workspace contains one single start project, with the following folders:

\FreeRTOS : it contains the FreeRTOS porting (version 6.0.5) (only FreeRTOSConfig.h file is \Src directory)

\Stellaris : it contains the Stellarisware libraries

\Src : where you can insert your application

All needed files are included in the workspace directory; no external links or dependences are needed. To open the project just select the main folder "FreeRTOS_CCS4_Start" from the CCS4 menu File->Switch Workspace... and then you can compile it. The project has been configured to be used directly with the Luminary/TI evaluation-board EKS-LM3S8962, but it is easy to configure it for another Stellaris uC.

Contributed by Alberto Gios.



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