FreeRTOS v7.3.0 / GHS / SPC560B40x

Demo application functionality description:

  • Application prints message to UART about successful start of demo application
  • Application launches two tasks: first task has low priority and print test message to UART every second. Second task has high priority and wait for messages in the message queue. After receiving message from the queue second task prints number of received message to UART.
  • Interruption handler sends message to message queue every 10 seconds


Minimal requirements:

  • Archive with source codes FreeRTOS_SPC560B40x_GHS.zip
  • FreeRTOS 7.3.0 (full source tree)
  • Debugger and programmer IC5000
  • Host with windows XP
  • GHS compiler 2012.5.4 for PowerPC architecture, MULTI 6.1.4
  • WinIDEA 2012


How to build and run demo application:

  • Unpack FreeRTOS 7.3.0
  • Unpack archive FreeRTOS_SPC560B40x_GHS.zip into FreeRTOS source tree
  • Open DemoApplication project in the MULTI application and build the project. In the result you will get DemoApplication.elf
  • Configure IC5000 device according to user manual for the device
  • Open example for MPC5604B in the WinIDEA (you can find required example in the folder <WinIDEA installation folder>\Examples\OnChip\PowerPC\MPC56xx\CPU\MPC5604B_Bolero\), choose DemoApplication.elf firmware and upload it to microcontroller
  • To run the application press Run button in the WinIDEA application or reboot controller
  • You can see results of application in the terminal connected to dev kit via RS232 interface (SCI socket, first DB9 connector on the dev kit). Configuration for serial port is 115200N8.


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