This is a learning project that shows how ST Micro's STM32F0Discovery board can be programmed using simple command line tools (Mentor Graphics Code Sourcery Lite for ARM EABI), OpenOCD 0.6, and cygwin under Windows XP.


The STM32F0Discovery board comes with a blank protoboard.  I've put 8 LED's and an RS232 level shifter on mine (as well as a connector for an RF board on which I'm working).  The schematic and a couple photos are in the PCB directory of this project.


Note that I've stripped out a bunch of things that don't apply to this project, mainly the directories in Demo and Source/portable that don't apply to the STM32F0.


This is a work in progress.  At the moment the USART1 serial port and the PORTB LED's work and simple commands can be entered.   One of the main goals of this project was to use the F0 processor without limitations on code size.



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