STM32 with IAR 5.41.2

This project is the freeRTOS 6.0.4 adapted for the evaluation board STM32F10X-128K-EVAL MB525 rev B.


Depending on the display being used by the evaluation board, it is needed to comment the definition #define LCD_ILI9320 in the file lcd.h line 168.

If the display code is MB542-B01 the definition must be kept.


It is of great value using the Wittenstein StateViewer Plugin. Install the plugin, go to project, options, debugger, plugin then mark freeRTOS.

To see your message queues using the plugin, make sure to add the message queue to the registry.


Before running, put a jumper on the pins 2 and 3 of the usart1 to make the uart loopback work.

With all the information above, its possible to evaluate completely the features of the freeRTOS for the STM 32 platform.



1 -> The plugin shows some errors when debuging. According to Wittenstein those can be ignored safely. See link below.


2 -> I've included the astyle formating tool, to turn the code the way you prefer, just change the "AStyle cmd.bat" and run it. See instructions below:


3 -> The project library STM32F10xFWLib was updated.

4 -> To allow IAR multiple compilation, it was needed to correctly define the xQueueHandle inside the queue.h and include it inside queue.c. That reduces a lot the compilation time specially if the computer running the compiler is quad core or better.


FreeRTOS Ast.7z
FreeRTOS Ast Multiple Compilation.7z


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