Renesas V850ES-Jx3-L Starter Kit (V850 Stick) IAR port

The supported V850ES IAR port ported to the Renesas V850 Stick. The V850 Stick is a promotional evaluation board in a USB thumb drive type form factor. Details on the stick at the below link. The stick is USB powered and features along with the V850 a Sensirion SHT21 digital temperature and humidity sensor. The stick is supplied with the 32KB limited IAR Kickstart edition of the Embedded Workbench.

This port includes a simple single user task demo which flashes the user LED on the board. The demo can run either in the included debugger in the development environment or standalone if the release build output is programmed into the device using WriteEZ5 supplied with the stick. The documentation on the stick CD details how to do this.

The Applilet GUI code generator which comes with the stick can be used to produce peripheral driver code. I have used this to get the IIC working in order to communicate with the SHT21 sensor along with RTC code and UART comms code. If this is of interest to anyone I can supply it.

Basic stick info here:




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