FreeRTOS v7.4.0 / CrossWorks v2.3.1 / HY-1788-SDK

Port of FreeRTOS (v7.4.0) using the Rowley Associates CrossWorks IDE (v2.3.1).  The port is targeted to an NXP, LPC1788, running on an HAOYU HY-LPC1788-Core / SDK board. There are sixteen examples in the CrossWorks solution. Note that this port will probably run on most if not all LPC1788 platforms as it does not require any vendor specific peripherals.  The only peripherals used are the ARM core, the SysTick timer and the ITM (for printf). A PDF is also provided, containing information on building / running the examples.

FreeRTOS v7.4.0 HY-1788-SDK.zip


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