IAR EWARM, LPC1768 LwIP plus bonuses. Derived from lpcxpresso 17xx skeleton

This is a port of http://interactive.freertos.org/entries/22496523-lpcxpresso-lpc176x-lwip-lpcusb-plus-bonuses-derived-from-featured-demo in an IAR EWARM project form, since lwip is a pain to port from compiler to compiler. At least for not so experienced.

Mostly left as is, the point was to get the stack working - and it works. Sorry guys, the majority of things was not tested and I can only rely on that they were working in previous version (lpcxpresso one)

I've tried to adapt that example to one of my working projects, so the code may contain some strange commented lines with non-existing functions. Please ignore it.

Skeleton contains:

* FreeRTOS 7.3.0
* CMSIS 2.00
* LwIP 1.4.0 with DNS and DHCP enabled
* SMTP client, supports unicode and auth login. !NOT TESTED!
* Telnet server with users authentication, uses FreeRTOS+CLI !BROKEN! sometimes it just skips user input.
* LPCUSB stack used to create CDC device 
* AT45DB081D dataflash driver based on EA BaseBoard demo !NOT TESTED!
* SysLog daemon, uses UART0, UART3 and USB Virtual serial port as output by default !UART3 NOT TESTED!
* Real-tome clock as daemon task uses main oscillator
* RFC868 time synchronize protocol to set up the time, supports timezones
* Kickstarer LCD driver library.


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