LPCXpresso, LPC176x, LwIP, LPCUSB, plus bonuses. Derived from featured demo+

Demo application for LPC176x using LPCXpresso IDE.
* FreeRTOS 7.3.0
* CMSIS 2.00
* LwIP 1.4.0 with DNS and DHCP enabled
* SMTP client, supports unicode and auth login.
* Telnet server with users authentication, uses FreeRTOS+CLI
* LPCUSB stack used to create CDC device
* AT45DB081D dataflash driver based on EA BaseBoard demo
* SysLog daemon, uses UART0, UART3 and USB Virtual serial port as output by default
* Real-tome clock as daemon task uses main oscillator
* RFC868 time synchronize protocol to set up the time, supports timezones

Based on http://www.freertos.org/FreeRTOS-Plus/FreeRTOS_Plus_IO/Demo_Applications/LPCXpresso_LPC1769/NXP_LPC1769_Demo_Description.shtml
Dataflash driver based on demo code with EA LPCXpresso BaseBoard http://www.embeddedartists.com/products/lpcxpresso/xpr_base.php
LPCUSB driver by Bertrik Sikken (bertrik@sikken.nl)

Differences with original FreeRTOS+ featured demo:
* All code in 1 project: peripheral library, CMSIS, FreeRTOS, LwIP.
* Removed FreeRTOS+IO
* EMAC uses unmodified EMAC driver from peripheral library
* FreeRTOS's heap located in AHB RAM
* Enabled DHCP, DNS, UDP
* Sample applications added
* USB stack added

Git repository and wiki: https://bitbucket.org/antlabs_dev/lpc176x_freertos_lwip_skeleton/



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