LPC313X GCC FreeRTOS7.1.0 port for EA3131 board

The attached FreeRTOS7.1.0 port is tested on Embedded Artists LPC3131 board using ARM code sourcery GCC tool chain (version 2010Q1 release). The images are tested from LPC313x u-boot prompt:


The port is uses the NXP Common Driver Library (CDL) functions. The demo can be loaded executed from Internal SRAM or extrenal SDRAM.

The demo code uses the following LEDs on the EA LPC3131 board:

a. The LED Flash task toggles the following LEDS on EA3131 board:

i. LED5 - Toggles every 200ms

ii. LED6 - Toggles every 400ms

iii. LED7 - Toggles every 600ms

b. The serial Transmit task toggles LED8 on data transmission

c. The serial Receive task toggles LED9 on data reception

d. The error check task toggles LED10:

      i. No error - Toggles every 3 seconds

      ii. Error - Toggles every 500ms





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