LPC32XX IAR Port for Embedded Artist EA3250

LPC32XX IAR port that runs from the IRAM area. The port is tested on Embedded Artist EA3250.


Upon running the Demo application on EA3250 board, the LEDs will start blinking

  1. LED 1, 2, 3 – Used by LED flash tasks [each LED is made to blink at various rates using 3 task, 1 for each LED]
  2. LED 7 and 8 – UART Tx and Rx LEDs they will blink as the UART transmits and receives characters
  3. LED 4 – Check task LED this LED will monitor all the tasks and will verify if they are running fine [If this LED blinks at the rate of 5 sec then everything is running fine. If it blinks at 500ms rate then some task has run into an error condition]



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