ARM GCC - A C++ based framework for freeRTOS - with demo code for WinARM

I have created an article that presents a C++ framework that runs on top of freeRTOS, using the ARM GCC port. Using less than 20 lines of code, it enables the creation of periodic and aperiodic tasks, with limited overhead, limited RAM/ROM footprint, and there is no hardware configuration necessary!

I've provided demo code for WinArm (Rowley's version is coming...) that blinks the logomaticv2 board (LPC2148 based) status LEDs, from 2 tasks. One is periodic (activates at a fixed rate, with minimum jitter). The other task is activated by commands from the periodic task. The demo code comes with a configurable logging library that allows real time reporting/debugging of events through serial port 0. Much nicer to debug an issue when your program tells you what's wrong with it!

The article and demo code are available here:

Hope this helps anybody with a Logomatic/Uberboard/LPC2148, running C++ on freeRTOS.

Questions, recommendations and bug reports are welcome.


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