FreeRTOS V8.2.0 port for ALL 16 bit PICs with hardware stack checking (SPLIM)

This is the same port as http://interactive.freertos.org/entries/28123677-FreeRTOS-V7-5-3-port-for-ALL-16-bit-pics-with-hardware-stack-checking-SPLIM-

except that I have merged all the changes in V8 (just name/typedef changes).


This port is only the two files portmacro.h and port.c. It no longer uses MPLAB_DSPIC_PORT and doesn't have  separate assember files.

It sets up SPLIM and uses it for all tasks, but not for the initial main program stack (which is abandoned after the scheduler starts).

As a note, there is no problem using EDS memory (i.e. >32k ram) in the application, it just can't be used by FreeRTOS nor by the stack.

Also the new compiler xc16 v1.20 has the option -mno-eds-warn to disable the huge number of  eds warnings.




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