FreeRTOS v8.0.1 PIC32MZ Starter Kit microMIPS only (MPLABX, XC32 Pro compiler)


Here's a .zip file of a microMIPS only port of the demo application from the v8.0.1 release for the PIC32MZ Starter Kit, using MPLAB X. A professional licence is required for XC32 in order to generate the microMIPS code.

The demo is pretty much identical to the stock PIC32MZ one supplied, with the sole exception that 'RegisterTestTasks.S' now uses labels instead of absolute offsets in a number of the branch instructions.

I'm working on a port that uses CodeSourcery GCC instead of needing the Microchip tools, for the PIC32MZ (in both MIPS32 and microMIPS modes), which should be available soon.

Comments and suggestions welcome.




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