FreeRTOS V 7.5.2 port for dsPIC33E (max. 32KB RAM)

This Port enables the use of the dsPIC33E family with FreeRTOS V 7.5.2.

Please copy the two attached files over the original files in "FreeRTOS\Source\portable\MPLAB\PIC24_dsPIC"


- Do not use the assembler instruction <DO> (Microchip has confirmed that the XC16 isn't using this instruction)

- Do not use shadow registers (interrupt functions with attribute "shadow" are not allowed)

- Do not use more the 32 Kbyte of RAM (4K SFR space + 28K RAM)

Compiling FreeRTOS with the XC16 v1.11 Compiler for dsPIC33E devices will generate a bunch of warnings:

warning: Taking the address of 'xxxx' may require an extended pointer for this device

This warnings can be safely ignored if the RAM used is not exceeding the 32KByte limit. (max 28K RAM as the first 4K are used for SFR space)



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