TriCore TC179X with MPU support using Tasking VX-toolset

A completely new port for FreeRTOS to the TriCore v1.3 TC179X devices with support for the MPU.

Developed using the Infineon Triboard TC1796 v4.1 Start Kit for AUDO-NG TC179X Family devices using the Tasking VX-toolset for TriCore v3.4r1. See the Readme.txt file in the Zip download for more details.


Updated the port which is now known as v6.0.5 and renamed the old port to v6.0.4.

Note that I have redone the task switching meaning that the Interrupts and Traps can be declared in the compiler native format. This change also means that interrupts are much easier to write, and the Task context save/restore is delayed until it is actually needed (and even then there is virtually no cost). Thanks to the guys at Infineon for pointing me in the right direction.


As always, feedback is welcome.




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