FreeRTOS v8.0.0 using Keil uVision v5.10.0.2 and IAR v6.70.1.5794 for Freedom KL25Z (KL25Z128VLK4 80 LQFP)

Hi All

I'm teaching a basic course in embedded systems. We used FreeRTOS to review the OS concepts. However I was not able to find a port for Keil and IAR compilers for the Freedom platform. Then I port it. Porting FreeRTOS is easy, but not as easier to get it from someone else :-)

Find it attached.It toggles the LED and prints some message through serial terminal.

Have fun


Note: if you want to add the useful Freescale-clone-project utilities (make_new_project.exe for IAR or make_new_project-sc_Keil.exe for Keil inside its respective build folder), they don't copy the FreeRTOS folder (and all its content). You have to copy it manually (inside the src\projects\platinum folder).



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