AVR ATMega168 (STK500) using WinAVR

The attached folder contains the FreeRTOS distribution modified to work directly with the iRobot Command Module (http://store.irobot.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2586253) . The iRobot Command Module consists of the ATMega168 microcontroller on an STK500 development system.  Basically, the official port for AVR ATMega 323 has been modified to work for ATMega168 with other changes specifically for the iRobot command module. 

The port is tested with WinAVR on Windows 7 (64 bit).

Setup Instructions :

  • Download and install WinAVR from Sourceforge. Make sure that you have the latest version (2010-01-10) (http://sourceforge.net/projects/winavr/files/WinAVR/20100110/)
  • Download the latest version of FreeRTOS (v7.02)  (http://sourceforge.net/projects/freertos/files/FreeRTOS/)
  • Navigate to \FreeRTOSv7.0.2\Demo
  • Download the attached file (AVR_Atmega168_Demo.zip) and extract it
  • Copy the entire folder (AVR_Atmega168_Demo) to \FreeRTOSv7.0.2\Demo
  • Connect your iRobot Command Module to the USB using the USB A/B cable, and turn it ON. Make sure that Windows can find appropriate drivers. Check Device Manager to identify the COM port number to which the command module is connected to.

Running the demo : 

  • The demo program simply blinks the two LEDs on the command module at different frequencies. No external hardware is needed to run the demo. 
  • Start Programmer’s Notepad.
  • Open \FreeRTOSv7.0.2\Demo\AVR_ATMega168_Demo\makefile.
  • Modify the COM port number in the makefile (line 168) to correspond to your connection to the iRobot and save it. (eg. AVRDUDE_PORT = com9)
  • From the extracted package, open \FreeRTOSv7.0.2\Demo\AVR_ATMega168_Demo\ main.c in programmer’s notepad.
  • Tools > Make Clean > Make all > Program
  • Remove the USB cable and press reset. You should see the two LED’s on the command module blinking at different frequencie­­­s.

Please feel free to leave a comment below (or in the support forum) if you need any help with using this FreeRTOS port.

(keywords - FreeRTOS, RTOS, ATMega168, STK500, iRobot Command Module)



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