Xmega port for students

Hi everybody!

I have started a project on github, which involves porting all the drivers from Atmel's framework to xmega. It is intended to help students to kick-off with their projects. Compiles with GCC in AVR Studio or Eclipse with AVR Plugin (I like it better :-).

So far I have a working kernel (thanks to the guys on this forum), which automatically adjusts to program counter size according to the device defined.

Currently this port was tested with FreeRTOS 7.0.2 on 128A1, 128A3, 192D3, 64D3, XPlain boards and many others.

For those, who want some DIY, there are schematics for EAGLE (free version) available for development boards. Boards themselves are available for purchase at manufacturing costs (I get no profit, it is for fun). You will have to solder them yourselves:-)

Since all XMEGA devices offer compatibly within the family, it seems to me that this project will be of some use for everyone.

Everybody is welcome to take part:


Best wishes,



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