FreeRTOS 9.0.0 for MIPS32 processor cores

Colin Marriott March 23, 2017


This port provides support for MIPS32 cores.


This port is dependent on features provided by Codescape SDK.
To get the latest version visit the following website:


You must use SDK v1.3 or higher.

Or if you're just installing the tools on their own, it must be v2015.06-xx
or higher.

You will also need FreeRTOS-9.0.0 official release which this release must be extracted on top of.

* Uses FreeRTOS V9.0.0
* Demos for both CI40 and Xilinx NEXYS4DDR fpga board

New Changes:
* Demo application builds libraries for both freeRTOS and lwip for mips32
* Demo for the Xilinx NEXYS4DDR fpga board

NB. The Xilinx NEXYS4DDR fpga board must be programmed with a suitable bitfile
supporting a mips m14kc processor.

Building the Demo for the CI40 target:
ARCH=interaptiv INTS=eic GIC_BASE_ADDRESS=0x1BDC0000 make

Building the Demo for the fpga target:
ARCH=m14kc make

NOTE: The compiler must be in your path. You'll need mips-mti-elf- toolchain
for mips32r2-r5 targets and mips-img-elf- for mips32r6 targets.



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