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Atmel SAM V71 ARM Cortex-M7 demo for Atmel Studio 0 15  by Richard
Xmega port for students 34 5,088  by andifear
Basic version of FreeRTOS for SAMD20 to run on Rowley Crossworks 0 217  by Robert
SAM4SD32C stripped down version for Rowley Crossworks 0 216  by Robert
FreeRTOS WinAVR port for ATMega128, ATMega1284P, AT90CAN128, ATMega169, ATMega16 2 3,506  by john
AT91SAM7X (with lwIP 1.3) using Keil RVDS 3 2,125  by Zafar
Holding post for SAM4L low power demo 0 581  by Richard
AVR_ATXMega128A1_WinAVR 24 5,172  by gpls
SAM3S-EK2 For Rowley Crossworks (inc. FAT file system) 0 700  by Robert
AVR ATMega168 (STK500) using WinAVR 0 2,587  by Anand
freeRTOS for Arduino (328p) & Pololu Orangutan (1284p) - Eclipse (gcc & avrdude) 0 3,229  by Phillip
Yet another ATxmega port - tested on ATxmega128A1 2 2,974  by Geza
Atmel AT91SAM3U4 on SAM3U-EK: GCC Toolchain, FreeRTOS 6.1.0 0 2,041  by Mike
AVR_ATMega324P_WinAVR 0 2,028  by Roman
AVR32 AP7000 using GCC 0 1,649  by Richard
AT91SAM9260 with lwIP using Rowley CrossWorks 0 2,002  by Richard
Link to discussion and source for ATmega2560 port 1 2,657  by Yuriy
megaAVR + Arduino + FreeRTOS + C++ = Teaching Real-Time Software Development 2 5,252  by Yuriy
lwIP_AVR32_UC3 tftp port unreachable 0 1,081  by glory_man
FreeRTOS for AT91SAM7x512 0 1,345  by idragoev
How to quickly get FreeRTOS running with Atmel AVR development boards 3 4,822  by Gerhard
FreeRTOS and Implementation of FAT file system FatFs on SD card 0 3,208  by Thang
Building an Application for AT91SAM7S with 'FreeRTOS' RTOS and IAR 0 2,977  by Thang
Porting FreeRTOS to AT91SAM7S256 board with IAR 0 1,220  by Thang
BSP for SAM3S-EK 0 1,746  by Richard